Saturday, August 23, 2008

Diabetic Foot Amputations in Fresno, CA

At first, I did not understand why JCW repeatedly brought up foot amputation. He had a LIST of people who had their foot/feet amputated, some of whom died. Also odd was his prediction made 1 yr in advance, that my neighbor's foot would be amputated.

Secret replacement of the city water system is taking place.  No permits, inspections or safety precautions being used. Toxic, infectious, disease-carrying raw sewage is being discharged on private and city property. The city risk analyst shows up after these events and blatantly lies about the cause.

I endured ongoing illnesses, lung/respiratory and excruciatingly-painful foot infections ("cellulitis") as this was taking place - the foot infections continued for several years. My handicapped uncle's hospital visits coincided with these events. My neighbor's health began to decline and just as predicted, his foot infection became so severe it was amputated; he died at age 49.  Man in the next home had his foot amputated; then his leg was amputated.  All of us had been DELIBERATELY exposed to raw sewage while being lied to about the cause.  Public records were then altered to cover up what ensued (major reconstruction on top of City's secretly-replaced water system; street widening; relocation of storm drains, sewer manholes, utility poles, etc.  The City used the altered records to commit perjury and deny all. 

In addition to many MDRB's (multi drug-resistant bacterias) that are waterborne, MRSA breeds in raw sewage. Diabetics are more susceptible to these organisms.

How did JCW know that my neighbor had diabetes? Next chapter.