Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cellulitis - Behind Staph / CA-MRSA / Fresno, CA

The photograph on the right side of this page is of a foot that required a bone marrow transplant. It is one of many soft-tissue infections shown in the links listed (graphic.)

The next picture is only a small sample of the many times I have undergone this excruciatingly-painful soft-tissue infection. It began after exposure to the raw sewage discharges that took place on my property as city sewer and water lines were being secretly replaced.  Instead of warnings or a chance to protect ourselves, the City risk analyst blatantly lied about the cause of these events.  Because it was being carried out without permitss, inspections or safety precautions.  At one point, as sewage flooded the alley, seeping into backyards I told her to warn and help these people as I suspected there would be severe illness and death.  Her comment:  Don't worry about it.  As the illnesses and deaths took place she said, "Not my problem."  By the time it was over, records had been altered to cover up what took place - she then committed perjury and denied all.

Thank God for my doctor. The more I research the dangers of exposure to toxic, infectious, disease-carrying raw sewage, the more I realize how lucky I am that I still have my feet. In fact, I am lucky to be alive, which is more than I can say for my handicapped uncle as well as several of my neighbors. 

The third diagram shows the layers of skin. A clearer photo in addition to important information regarding necrotizing (flesh eating) infections is provided in the 2nd link (modality.) I also encourage you to look at the links showing graphic images of other soft tissue infections as well as necrotizing infections. Considering how/where people in Fresno are now being exposed to this behind the citywide sewer/water infrastructure upgrade, we must all educate oursleves, as common sense indicates where this may be headed. MRSA BREEDS in raw sewage. The pathogens are airborne as well as waterborne. (Read article below - one doctor says the number of his staph patients in Fresno have tripled in only 1 yr.)

Despite the medical crises that follow the deliberate and intentional exposure to raw sewage i.e., asthma, lung/respiratory,
infections, amputation, death, soil testing is REFUSED! As the rate of infections continue to escalate, the City increased medical benefits for themselves, while slamming the door on the public. Blaming hospitals and doctors for the increase in these medical crises.  Reporting the truth to the City was treated as the biggest crime of all. All effort goes into denying and covering up the evidence. 

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